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 A mother's call - from Our Lady Queen of Peace 


Painting of Our Lady of Medjugorje - by Adrian Mills [RIP 17th March 2007]

Painting of Our Lady of Medjugorje by Adrian Mills.

This painting is an artist’s impression, derived from the description given of the apparition of Our Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, by lvan Dragicevic when She appeared to him at 10.30 p.m. on the night of Tuesday 12 May 1998 on the Hill of Apparitions, Podbrdo in Medjugorje, Bosnia - Herzegovina.

She asked for prayers for priests, bishops, the Holy Father and the sick.

At the end of the apparition "She departed for Heaven with the brilliant light of the cross behind Her"

She also "took all the petitions presented to Her and extending Her hands, blessed everyone".

In meetings in Medjugorje the diffusion of this card (note: The image with narrative is distributed in postcard size) was welcomed by Fr Slavko Barbaric who asked that the 25 April 1999 message be included:

"Dear Children! Also today I call you to prayer: Little Children, be joyful carriers of peace and love in this peaceless world. By fasting and prayer; witness that you are mine and that you live my messages. Pray and seek! I am praying and interceding for you before God that you convert; that your life and behaviour always be Christian. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Painting © AM & PV 1999 ~ 3rd (English) edition ~ The wording is available in twelve languages
Click here for other languages| Click here for a larger jpeg file for better reproduction

You may copy the painting and use it on a website or distribute it freely to promote knowledge of Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje and Her messages PROVIDED THAT you also include the full narrative above. Thank you

Requests for cards:-
Adrian Mills died peacefully on the 17th of March 2007 & his funeral took place on 29th March. May he rest in peace, amen
"Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the LORD must be your strength!" (Nehemiah 8:10)
Cards are now available from: Madame Muriel Gay, Communion Marie Reine de la Paix, 10 Rue J. B. Olivier, 44130 BOUVRON, France. You can write in English, French and German

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this site freely. Your prayers for this work are appreciated.

This website aimed to help the artist with his ministry to promote knowledge of Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje and Her messages using the painting and card (the image and narrative is distributed in postcard size). Following the death of Adrian Mills in March 2007, this work will continue here and cards may still be available in future. Any help with this would be appreciated, especially translations into other languages. Over 120,000 copies have been distributed worldwide in 12 languages. This card is proving specially useful to spread the messages in remote villages in Africa also India, Korea and where there is Christian oppression.  If you use this painting  or link here, we would be glad to hear from you
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Since the website began it has grown with extra pages of messages, commentaries and other notes, links and useful information. You are warmly invited to browse this brief introduction to these apparitions, reported by the visionaries to have occurred for over thirty two years since 1981. Apparitions are always controversial. The content may interest you enough to discover more about these inspiring and challenging events, with an open discerning mind and heart. Perhaps you will also feel blessed with the desire to make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje, while these apparitions are still taking place. Our Lady's peaceful and loving presence is there for all to experience in a deep, personal way. If you cannot go physically (just yet!), just go spiritually as Medjugorje is a 'worldwide calling' that anyone can participate in. Simply begin by trying to live, understand and act on Our Lady's messages through prayer, (Our Lady's 'school of prayer - with the heart' always points us towards Her Son, Jesus), fasting (if able- start gently anyway) and if possible, sharing with others in prayer groups - local and internet -  wherever you are and as best you can, each day. Have Medjugorje in your heart and Our Lady will reside in you.

According to the testimony of the Visionaries, Our Lady introduces herself as "the Queen of Peace". She is calling all humanity to peace and warns that we are in the "time of Grace". Her messages of peace are necessary to save humanity. [In the troubled times we live in, who can doubt the urgency of listening to Her call.]We must begin by first creating peace within our own hearts. We should communicate with God & increase our faith through prayer, helped by fasting on Wednesday and Friday on bread and water [unless you are not in good health when you can give up something else click here for more on fasting]& frequently receiving the Holy Sacrament | more |the 5 core  messages |monthly messages and commentaries |Medjugorje links

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"Lady" and "Our Lady" = "Gospa" in Croatian.
"I am the Queen of Peace" = "Ja Sam Kraljica Mira"
in Croatian.

The edge of Heaven - touching Earth? - 32 years on

"Dear children! Today I invite you to peace. I have come here as the Queen of Peace and I desire to enrich you with my motherly peace. Dear children, I love you and I desire to bring all of you to the peace which only God gives and which enriches every heart. I invite you to become carriers and witnesses of my peace to this unpeaceful world. Let peace reign in the whole world which is without peace and longs for peace. I bless you with my motherly blessing.  Thank you for having responded to my call." Our Lady's message of July 25, 1990 

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basic Medjugorje information & links

Many millions of people world-wide believe that since the feast of St John in June 1981, Mary, Our Lady, ('Gospa' in the local Croatian language) has been appearing to six visionaries from a small parish in western Herzegovina, Bosnia (part of former communist Yugoslavia), giving messages of hope to the world, which call for a return to belief in God, renewed peace among mankind, renewed prayer in the family and our continuing individual conversions.
The 5 main or 'core' messages

According to the testimony of the visionaries, Our Lady says these years are a "time of Grace" granted by God who has sent her. She has come as the ‘Queen of Peace’ and as our Heavenly Mother who intercedes for us all in Heaven, calling us her 'dear' or 'little' 'children'. see 'tip'
"I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God".

Our Lady invites each and every one of us but it is up to us individually in the end so please consider the testimony of the visionaries with a cautious but open mind and heart, initially through the introduction and links presented here and especially on the comprehensive, multilingual website of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace - Information Centre "Mir" Medjugorje - the only official voice and source of authentic information from Medjugorje, including current news and events.
See also "The Medjugorje Web" and many other helpful linked sites.
This is essential for a deeper understanding of these events.

Discern carefully for yourself in the Spirit and in truth whether you will accept Our Lady's invitation - subject if you are Catholic, to the final judgement of Rome as to authenticity (which is accepted and not pre-judged here). We are personally allowed to believe in the apparitions and messages of Medjugorje provided they contain nothing which is contrary to Church faith and morals. ~ "Remember, without your help, Our Lady can do nothing" - Fr. Jozo Zovko
|more about Fr. Jozo1 | more2 | more3 |more4 |more5 |more6 | Easter Letter 2003

The visionaries (info- external link) testify that Vicka, Marija and Ivan still have daily apparitions while Ivanka (25th June) and Jakov (25th December) each now have an annual apparition (on dates given) as does Mirjana (March 18th) who also hasfrequent apparitions on the 2nd of the month when she prays for unbelievers (Those who do not yet know the love of God)
On the 25th of each month, Our Lady appears to the visionary Marija to give us Her message to the world.
update gif image
Click here for Our Lady's Monthly and other Messages. Also commentaries update gif image
On the 25th of each month, Our Lady appears to the visionary Marija to give us Her message to the world.
Each of the visionaries has a special intention of Our Lady to pray for: Vicka - the sick; Mirjana - non-believers; Marija - souls in purgatory; Ivanka - families; Ivan - priests and the youth of the world; Jakov - the sick

TIP: Our Lady has regularly said the messages are for each one of us individually so try reading them as if your own name was there; "Dear .........."  -  it can make them much more personal, challenging and effective. Miscellaneous messages

[ 'DEAR CHILDREN'... With the words, Dear Children, Our Lady is creating a motherly atmosphere 
in which we can listen to her words without fear or apprehension. ~ Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM ]

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The statue of 'Our Lady of Grace' in The Church of The Immaculate Conception at Tihaljina near Medjugorje. Click for larger image Click on thumbnail for larger image of
The statue of 'Our Lady of Grace' in The Church of The Immaculate Conception at Tihaljina near Medjugorje
Even larger jpg

More info about Tijalhina and this statue

Dear children, I invite you for your individual conversion. The time is for you! Without you God's plan cannot be realised. Dear children grow day by day closer to God through prayer.


1. Prayer with the heart: Rosary
2. Eucharist
3. Holy Bible
4. Fasting.
5. Monthly confession

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To avoid any confusion or conflict with the accepted authority of the Catholic Church, our visitors are asked to note that alleged apparitions anywhere will not be considered for full approval by the Catholic Church as being worthy of belief, until they cease. Only then can the appointed Investigative Commission conclude its necessary and lengthy process. The apparitions at Lourdes, Fatima and elsewhere were probably just as controversial at their times.

Some use lack of Church approval for the time being, to attack or avoid what is happening but it is accepted that is entirely a matter for those individuals' personal  beliefs, although to those who do believe, it is a reason for more and more prayer.

Pope John Paul II has however given his unofficial approval and has always given his blessing to those bishops and priests who have asked him about visiting the shrine, asking them to pray for him there. In 1986, The Holy Father said, "Let the people go to Medjugorje if they convert, pray, confess, do penance and fast."

The Shrine of Medjugorje has thus become a special place of prayer, conversion and peace. Private pilgrimages by Catholics including Priests and Bishops, are permitted within certain rules - for example, they must not lead Diocesan pilgrimages. Since the apparitions began, more than 30 million pilgrims of many Christian traditions and other faiths from all over the world, have been inspired by the messages, rediscovered faith in God and opened their hearts anew to a true peace and love towards God, themselves and humanity, leaving spiritually strengthened and renewed. Numerous sceptics or unbelievers (in the sense used by Our Lady in Her messages of those who have not yet found the love of God) have been converted and physically or mentally afflicted persons have been healed. These are some of the practical fruits on which authenticity will also be judged.

(We are reminded to pray for unbelievers on the 2nd of each month. On August 15, 1985, Our Lady said regarding unbelievers to Mirjana: "My angel, pray for unbelievers.  People will tear their hair, brothers will plead with brothers, they will curse their past lives lived without God.  They will repent, but it will be too late.  Now is the time for conversion.  I have been exhorting you for the past four years.  Pray for them.  Invite everyone to pray the Rosary.")

Our Lady issues Her invitation to us all so for our part we invite you to explore this and the linked official and other detailed websites and resources with a cautious but open mind and heart. Please recognise and accept as we do without pre-judging the outcome in any way, that the final judgement regarding the authenticity of the Medjugorje apparitions rests with the Holy See. In accordance with the decree of Pope Urban VIII and Act II of the Vatican Council, individual  experiences, the terms 'apparitions, miracles, messages' as used herein, have the permitted value of personal testimony in this process. Unlike Holy Scripture, private revelations are never binding upon the conscience of the faithful. They may be a help to the individual in understanding the signs of the times and to live more fully the Gospel (Luke 12.56), (Catechism of the Catholic Church, n.67).

Pope John Paul II On Medjugorje  |  Our Lady about Pope JPII
 Discretion necessary in news about Medjugorje | The Spirituality of Fatima & Medjugorje

REPEATED FROM TOP SECTION: Our Lady invites each and every one of us but it is up to us individually in the end so please do consider the testimony of the visionaries with a cautious but open mind and heart, perhaps initially through the introduction and links presented here and especially on the comprehensive, multilingual website of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace - Information Centre "Mir" Medjugorje - the only official voice and source of authentic information from Medjugorje. See also "The Medjugorje Web" | "The Medjugorje Message" and many other helpful linked sites.It is essential to visit those sites for a full picture. Discern carefully for yourself in Spirit and in truth whether you will accept Our Lady's invitation - subject if you are Catholic, to the final judgement of Rome as to authenticity (which is accepted and not pre-judged here). We are personally allowed to believe in the apparitions and messages of Medjugorje provided they contain nothing which is contrary to Church faith and morals.

Prayer: "Dear God, help me not to just accept or reject everything I hear outright but to prayerfully test and see if such is true. Help me to be open to change where I need to change, and if it is Your will, help me to be Your messenger for change. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus' name, amen."

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Medjugorje is a unique and extraordinary place that if at all possible, should be experienced individually
click here for details of pilgrimages, travel information & links

Medjugorje [meaning 'between the hills'] is situated between Citluk and Ljubuski, about 12 miles south west of Mostar. The parish of Medjugorje contains four villages including Bijakovici where the 'Hill of Apparitions', Mt Podbrdo, is situated. Mt. Kricevac, 'Cross Mountain' is also close by. One of the other villages is Surmanci, where an icon of the Divine Mercy is displayed.
The meaning of any pilgrimage
| Tips and information for pilgrims in Medjugorje | About the Blue Cross (ext)

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18 months after the first apparitions, the Blessed Virgin began manifesting Herself in a different way to Jelena Vasilj and Marjana Vasilj (no relation). In what is termed a "Locution", they hear the distinct voice of Our Lady and see Her inwardly "with the heart".  Through them a special prayer group led spiritually by "Gospa" was formed and others following the same programme have since spread in parishes throughout the world.
IIPG International Internet Prayer Group

Penzance Medjugorje (Queen of Peace) Prayer Group meets on the first monday each month in St. Mary's Haven Chapel at 7.30 p.m.
Other events are also organised. Everyone is most welcome, whether you have been to Medjugorje and especially if not.
The Holy Rosary is prayed before weekday Masses. All are very welcome to join us. Contact 

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The Rosary
"Say the Rosary every day... Pray, pray a lot and offer sacrifices for sinners... I am Our Lady of the Rosary.
Only I will be able to help you. ...In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph." - Our Lady at Fatima

Virtual Rosary Online  Virtual Rosary Online!   | "Pray The Rosary" - an msn web group

“Through the rosary open your heart to me”

The Apostolic letter of the Holy Father, “ Rosarium Virginis Mariae on the Holy Rosary, published on October 16, 2002, proclaimed the 'Year of the Rosary'. The Pope said, “With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love. Through the Rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer.” (RVM 1)

 In many messages, Our Lady spoke about the Rosary. In the message of August 25, 1997, she said:

I call all priests and religious brothers and sisters to pray the rosary and to teach others to pray. The rosary, little children, is especially dear to me. Through the rosary open your heart to me and I am able to help you.”

Our Lady also tells us: “If you so wish, grasp for the rosary. Even the rosary alone can work miracles in the world and in your lives.” (25.1.1991)

and:- “Little children, prayer works miracles. When you are tired and sick and you do not know the meaning of your life, take the Rosary and pray; pray until prayer becomes for you a joyful meeting with your Saviour.” (25.4.2001)

A brief history of how Saint Dominic established the Holy Rosary and of how Blessed Alan de la Roche restored it.

(external links) How to pray the Rosary ~ Read about Pope John Paul II's announcement of the "Luminous Mysteries" or "Mysteries of Light"  ~ See also the "Virtual Rosary" link above for some scriptural reflections.

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Newsflashes and other past news items to be updated

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The Miraculous Medal and Medjugorje
Feast day | Information and Novena | Links

After Fr. Jozo was released from prison, he eventually was stationed at the Immaculate Conception Church in Tihaljina, one of the poorest parishes in the Mostar diocese. The church roof leaked, there was no phone service, and the dirt road leading to the church needed repair.

Fr. Jozo realized that one of the treasures to be found there was an exceptionally  beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a statue of Our Lady of Grace, [see image above] the image that appears on the back of the Miraculous Medal which is an approved sacramental of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Jozo used this image in his Medjugorje Apostolate. Every pilgrim who came to visit him at  Tihaljina received a portrait of this statue which had a prayer or message on the back. We produced the first English version of a portrait for him which had a consecration to the Blessed Virgin on the back. Our pilgrim groups use to bring the portraits to him by the thousands to be distributed to the English speaking pilgrims who visited with him at Tihaljina.

Today, we still distribute the same portrait all over the world. We even published a book about Fr. Jozo’s apostolate entitled, "The Story of a Picture".  It tells about Fr. Jozo’s Medjugorje apostolate at Tihaljina and the many miracles and graces that have been given through the use of this picture in prayer, consecration, and devotion.

Our Lady of Grace said that many graces would be given to those who sought her intercession and there is no doubt that her sacramental blessings are event to those Medjugorje pilgrims and devotees who make use of her image in their spiritual endeavors.

Some of our Medjugorje pilgrimages stop in Paris to visit the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal before continuing on to Medjugorje. This provides pilgrims with a unique way of integrating both Marian devotions.

Your servant in Jesus and Mary, Charlie Toye, Director The Send Your Spirit Medjugorje Center

Miraculous Medal - Information and Novena

In 1830, Our Lady, Mother of God, appeared to a young novice nun Sr. Catherine Laboure in a church at Rue de Bac, Paris. During the apparition, she saw an oval-shaped light surrounding Our Lady. Around the top part of this light was written: "O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"

Then she heard a voice that said to her: "Make sure that the medal is made like the model that you saw. The people who wear this medal with faith will have great graces, if the medal is blessed and they pray with devotion this short prayer"

St Catherine said, "The medal suddenly turned around. On the other side of the medal, I saw the monogram of the most holy Virgin, made with the letter M, and above the letter M was a cross, and below were two hearts, the hearts of Jesus and Mary. I could see the difference because one of the hearts was crowned with thorns and the other was pierced by a sword. Around the medal were twelve stars.

Then everything disappeared and St Catherine remained kneeling in the dark church. Catherine told all this to her confessor, who after some time realised that she was saying the truth. Assured that the apparition really occurred, he went to the local bishop who was devoted to Mary. With the permission of the Bishop, the first medal was minted in 1832. At that time, the Archbishop Mecheina, who was not strong, was dying. That is why the bishop wanted to try the power of the intercession of Mary through the medal. He took the medal and went to the dying archbishop, but the archbishop refused him. Then the bishop went back home and started to pray: "Mary, help. show your power through the medal as you promised."

He prayed a long time and asked for conversion. Just as he finished his prayer, they told him that the archbishop was dying and asking for him. He went and gave him the last rights. The archbishop died that night in peace.

After that first miracle, the journey of Miraculous Medal went through the whole world. Miracle, conversions and healing have been reported throughout the world. There are too many stories about miracles due to Mary through the Miraculous Medal to write about here.

Pope Pius 12th canonised Catherine on 19 July 1947. The bishop Sechauera permitted the reciting of the following novena on 1 July 1956.

Who is praying this devotion will receive blessings and great graces.

Priest: O Mary, conceived without sin,
All: Pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

Priest: Lord Jesus Christ, born of your Holy Mother The Blessed Virgin Mary conceived without sin, permit us to ask for Her intercession and through it, find perpetual joy, and, grant us Your blessings which will sustain us. We ask this of You who lives and reigns in all ages into eternity. Amen.

All: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in Thy mercy hear and answer them. Amen.

When this novena is prayed publicly in the church, it should be said in the following order.

1. A song should be sung.
2. Intention.
3. Rosary.
4. Invocation:
Priest: Oh Mary conceived without sin,
All: Pray for us who have recourse to thee.
5. Consecration of the family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
6. Prayer to our loving Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
7. Song.
8. Most holy eucharistic blessing.

When you pray the novena by yourself, you should pray all the prayers from this devotion.

The Feast of the Miraculous Medal is 27th November.

On Monday 27 November 1989, Our Lady gave a message to Ivan’s prayer group. Here is an account of the apparition and Our Lady’s message, as recorded by Nedjo Brecic, the founder of the International Internet Prayer Group: " ... The meeting was only for the prayer group, at Blue cross at 10pm. This message was given to Marija, who was standing in for Ivan. Our Lady came joyful and she said": "These days, I want you to pray in a special way for the salvation of souls. Today is the feast day of the miraculous medal, and I want that you pray, in a special way, for the salvation of those people who are carrying this miraculous medal. I want you to spread the devotion and the carrying of this medal, so that more souls may be saved, and that you pray in a special way."

Prayer to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal
"Virgin Mother of God, Mary Immaculate, we unite ourselves to you under your title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. May this medal be for each one of us a sure sign of your motherly affection for us and a constant reminder of our filial duties towards you. While wearing it, may we be blessed by your loving protection and preserved in the grace of your Son. Most powerful Virgin, Mother of our Saviour, keep us close to you every moment of our lives so that like you we may live and act according to the teaching and example of your Son. Obtain for us, your children, the grace of a happy death so that in union with you we may enjoy the happiness of heaven forever. Amen."

Other Miraculous Medal Links:

Further information available on the multilingual official website of The Chapel of the Rue du Bac

The following book which can be read online free on the EWTN website, has been recommended, "Saint Catherine Laboure of the Miraculous Medal", by Fr. Joseph I. Dirvin C.M. (copyright 1958). ~ The holy farm girl who as a young Daughter of Charity received the Miraculous Medal devotion from Our Lady herself.

Try also:- Stephen Breen - St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal. The story of Our Lady's appearances to St. Catherine Laboure in Paris, France in 1830.

 ~ Knights of the Immaculata - The Miraculous Medal and the Militia Immaculatae

 ~ The blessing and enrollment of the Miraculous Medal as found in the Roman Ritual

 ~ Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Section last updated 10th May,  2007  ~ ężę

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Link: Bernard Gallagher's Weblog link with a large and useful Photo Gallery on connected sites, also Kricezvac & Medjugorje witness

Recordings made in Medjugorje in May 2000 Animated gif - music

The Way of the Cross on Mount Krizevac
Stations 1 to 5 (under construction - sorry about the long delay)| Stations 6 to 10 | Stations 11 to 14

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We fly to Thy protection, O Holy Mother of God; despise not our prayers in our necessities, but ever deliver us from all evil, O glorious and Blessed Virgin! Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Reconciliation, please pray for those who have recourse to you
Through her we see Him, Made sweeter, not dim; And her hand leaves His light, Sifted to suit our sight. ------ G.M. Hopkins 

Entrusted to Mary | Our Lady of the Millennium | Marian Links page


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Hymn - As I kneel before you

As I kneel before you
As I bow my head in prayer
Take this day, make it yours
And fill me with your love.

Ave Maria!  Gratia plena
Dominus tecum, benedicta tu!

All I have, I give you
Every dream and wish are yours
Mother of Christ, Mother of mine
Present them to my Lord

Ave Maria!  Gratia plena
Dominus tecum, benedicta tu!

As I kneel before you
And I see your smiling face
Every thought, every word
Is lost in your embrace

Ave Maria!  Gratia plena
Dominus tecum, benedicta tu!

Words & Music: Maria Parkinson


ABOUT: As well as the official  Medjugorje Shrine website, there are an ever increasing number of excellent sites that it seems superfluous to have another. This website was originally created in May 2000 after my first pilgrimage, to help widen the distribution of the above painting by fellow pilgrim and friend Adrian Mills, helping in a small way with his ministry. It has grown as a means of further promoting knowledge of Our Lady's apparitions and Her messages, and as my personal interest with grateful thanks for many blessings received, also on behalf of many friends who share this interest. As the website grew in depth and links, it has become increasingly a  way of understanding better the impact and challenge of living the messages, which is not easy. It is also a source for much material used in our local prayer group and answers to frequent questions. Perhaps my approach will interest, help and encourage you and that the links to the wider resources will be very useful. It is essential to visit the official site for a full view (navigation to links above). I pray that you will find this website useful even though it is not as complete or as organised as I would like. Do use the many excellent external links for more. I much appreciate the kind and encouraging comments and contributions regularly received by e-mail. (site author)

Our Lady has called us all to spread her messages of prayer, peace, faith, love, fasting, penance and conversion. Let us all strive to answer the invitation Our Lady gave on February 25, 1995. "Dear children! Today I invite you to become missionaries of my messages, which I am giving here through this place that is dear to me. God has allowed me to stay this long with you and therefore, little children, I invite you to live with love the messages I give and to transmit them to the whole world, so that a river of love flows to people who are full of hatred and without peace. I invite you, little children, to become peace where there is no peace and light where there is darkness, so that each heart accepts the light and the way of salvation. Thank you for having responded to my call."
May God bless all who work to bring these messages to the world.
"In prayer and humility, open your hearts and be witnesses of my presence"
- part of Our Lady's message to the world on October 25th 2005

The final authority of the church is fully accepted.
The decree of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith A.A.S. 58, 1186 (approved by Pope Paul VI on October 14th, 1966) states that the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are not required on publications dealing with private revelations, provided they contain nothing contrary to faith and morals. I confirm unconditional submission to the final and official judgement of the Magisterium of the Church regarding the events under investigation that are written about at this site.

To avoid misunderstandings, please note that the "Information Centre "Mir" - Medjugorje", along with the priests who are working in Medjugorje, are the only official representatives of the shrine. No one else can be or is that, even if they live and work in Medjugorje. (from Authenticity Statement on Official site).

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Miscellaneous messages, jottings / links of interest /
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Fasting:- Our Lady's messages of peace are necessary to save us and we must begin by first creating peace in our own hearts. This can be done in the following manner: [communicate with God, faith, prayer,]fasting on Wednesday and Friday on bread and water [unless you are not in good health or sick][& frequently receiving the Holy Sacrament.] If you are ill then instead of bread and water:-"It would be a good thing to give up television, because after some programs you are distracted and unable to pray." ~ December 8, 1981

"Dear children! Today I call you to renew prayer and fasting with even greater enthusiasm until prayer becomes a joy for you. Little children, the one who prays is not afraid of the future and the one who fasts is not afraid of evil. Once again, I repeat to you: only through prayer and fasting also wars can be stopped – wars of your unbelief and fear for the future. I am with you and am teaching you little children: your peace and hope are in God. That is why draw closer to God and put Him in the first place in your life. Thank you for having responded to my call." (25/12/2001)


The visionaries say that they need to start praying the day before in order to have a good fast day. The evening before, you might say a prayer from your Heart for a good fast day and also to Fr. Slavko for his help and intercession with our living and renewing the messages that we're entrusted with. Our Lady says we all need to fast. She says the best fast is on bread and water, but for those who might not be in great health or might have an illness then although she still asks for fasting, our Lady asks to choose something equally as difficult, a bad habit, a particular fault we have and fast from this.

PRAYER ON FAST DAYS. On August 14, 1984, Our Lady said: "I would like the world to pray with me these days! As much as possible! To fast strictly on Wednesdays  and Fridays; to pray every day at least the Rosary: the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries."

"Dear Children: Today, I invite you to start fasting with the heart. There are a lot of people who fast because others do so. Fasting is a habit nobody wants to give up. I ask the parish to fast out of gratitude that God allowed me to stay in this parish so long. Dear Children, fast and pray with the heart! Thank you for having responded to my call"
(September 20, 1984)

Recommended reading:- "FASTING" by Father Slavko Barbaric. 1988 Franciscan University Press
Steubenville, Ohio 443952 ISBN: 0-940535-12-2

Sermon on fasting by St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop ~ from Liturgy of the Hours, Office of Readings for Ash Wednesday.

     “There are three things, my brethren, which cause faith to stand firm, devotion to remain constant, and virtue endure. They are prayer, fasting, and mercy. Prayer knocks at the door, fasting obtains, mercy receives. Prayer, mercy and fasting: these three are one, and give life to each other. Fasting is the soul of prayer, mercy is the lifeblood of fasting. Let no one try to separate them; they cannot be separated. If you have only one of them or not all together, you have nothing. So if you pray, fast; if you fast, show mercy; if you want your petition to be heard, hear the petition of others. If you do not close your ear to
others, you open God’s ear to yourself.
     When you fast, see the fasting of others. If you want God to know that you are hungry, know that another is hungry. If you hope for mercy, show mercy. If you look for kindness, show kindness. If you want to receive, give. If you ask for yourself what you deny to others, your asking is a mockery. Let this be the pattern for all men when they practice mercy: show mercy to others in the same way, with the same generosity, with the same promptness, as you want other to show mercy to you. Therefore, let prayer, mercy and fasting be one single plea to God on our behalf, one speech in our defence, a threefold united prayer in our favour.
     Let us use fasting to make up for what we have lost by despising others. Let us offer our souls in sacrifice by means of fasting. There is nothing more pleasing that we can offer to God, as the psalmist said in prophecy: ‘A sacrifice to God is a broken spirit; God does not despise a bruised and humbled heart.’
     Offer your soul to God, make him an oblation of your fasting, so that your soul may be a pure offering, a holy sacrifice, a living victim, remaining your own and at the same time made over to God. Whoever fails to give this to God will not be excused, for if you are to give him yourself, you are never without the means of giving.
     To make these acceptable mercy must be added. Fasting bears no fruit unless it is watered by mercy. Fasting dries up when mercy dries up. Mercy is to fasting as rain is to the earth. However much you may cultivate your heart, clear the soil of your nature, root out vices, sow virtues, if you do not release the springs of mercy, your fasting will bear no fruit.
     When you fast, if your mercy is thin your harvest will be thin; when you fast, what you pour out in mercy overflows into your barn. Therefore, do not lose by saving, but gather in by scattering. Give to the poor and you give to yourself. You will not be allowed to keep what you have refused to others.”

An excerpt from "A Man Named Father Jozo":
(A talk by Fr. Jozo given May 12, 1989, to American Peace Center pilgrims.)

But there is something else that I would like to tell you in order to help you recognize what Our Lady wants from us. The first step along the path of conversion on which Our Lady invited us was (as we have already heard) prayer, prayer with the heart, daily praying of the rosary. The second step along this path of conversion is fasting. Our Lady says fast.

To fast does not mean not to eat, but fasting is freedom - a freedom that is needed badly by us all. You might say, "Today is Friday; I want to be free, free from cigarettes".

To be free is something that we are all looking for. Very often we say, "He's addicted to drugs or to alcohol." We are wrong if we call only people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol "addicts" when there are so many who are addicted to cigarettes, to their weekends, to TV programs and movies, to so many things. Every kind of addiction is bondage. So one can fast by deciding to switch off the TV.

Fasting can be done with our eyes by deliberately trying to meet and see everyone with love. Fasting means "changing us". Fasting is freeing us from the mask of egotism. Only one who loves can fast. Fasting is sacrifice. Fasting is love. I will never be able to comprehend the cross of Jesus as the supreme mystery of love, unless I start to fast. Fasting is important to us being Adam's children.


"Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one's flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, kindles the true light of chastity.......Fasting loves not many words, deems wealth superfluous, scorns pride, commends humility, helps man perceive what is frail and paltry.." St Augustine: Sermons on Fasting, 11.,11#147

 Fasting, "allows the mind to rise more freely to the contemplation of heavenly things" ~ St Thomas Aquinas

"Depriving the body can awake the hunger of the soul..." Fr Laurentin,

(Added 05/08/07)

This section and more on fasting may be moved to a new page.


"I, the Mother, love you all. And in any moment that is difficult for you, do not be afraid! Because I love you even then when you are far from me and my Son. ... Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray!" ~ May 24, 1984

"If you are experiencing difficulties or if you need something, come to me." ~ December 8, 1981

"Little children, love bears everything bitter and difficult for the sake of Jesus who is love. Therefore, dear children, pray that God come to your aid, not however according to your desire, but according to His love. Surrender yourself to God so that He may heal you, console you and forgive everything inside you which is a hindrance on the way of love." ~ June 25, 1988

"Dear children, behold, also today I want to call you to start living a new life as of today. Dear children, I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God's design. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God's plan is in your regard. I am with you in order that you may be able to bring it about in all its fullness. Thank you for having responded to my call." (Our Lady's First Monthly Message - January 25, 1987)

October 17, 1985 "Dear children! Everything has its own time. Today I call you to start working on your own hearts. Now that all the work in the field is over, you are finding time for cleaning even the most neglected areas, but you leave your heart aside. Work more and clean with love every part of your heart. Thank you for having responded to my call."

May 22, 1986 "Dear children! Today I wish to give you my own love. You do not know, dear children, how great my love is, and you do not know how to accept it. In various ways I wish to show it to you, but you, dear children, do not recognize it. You do not understand my words with your heart and neither are you able to comprehend my love. Dear children, accept me in your life and so you will be able to accept all I am saying to you and to which I am calling you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

July 31, 1986 "Dear children! Hatred gives birth to dissensions and does not regard anyone or anything. I call you always to bring harmony and peace. Especially, dear children, in the place where you live, act with love. Let your only instrument always be love. By love turn everything into good which Satan desires to destroy and possess. Only that way shall you be completely mine and I shall be able to help you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

September 25, 1986 "Dear children! By your own peace I am calling you to help others to see and begin to seek peace. You, dear children, are at peace and not able to comprehend lack of peace. Therefore, I am calling you, so that by your prayer and your life you help to destroy everything that is evil in people and uncover the deception that Satan makes use of. You pray that the truth prevails in all hearts. Thank you for having responded to my call."

December 18, 1986 "Dear children! Once again I desire to call you to prayer. When you pray you are much more beautiful, like flowers, which after the snow, show all their beauty and all their colours become indescribable. So also you, dear children, after prayer show before God all so much more what is beautiful and are beloved by Him. Therefore, dear children, pray and open your inner self to the Lord so that He makes of you a harmonious and beautiful flower for Paradise. Thank you for having responded to my call."

February 25, 1987 "Dear children! Today I want to wrap you all in my mantle and lead you all along the way of conversion. Dear children, I beseech you, surrender to the Lord your entire past, all the evil that has accumulated in your hearts. I want each one of you to be happy, but in sin nobody can be happy. Therefore, dear children, pray, and in prayer you shall realize a new way of joy. Joy will manifest in your hearts and thus you shall be joyful witnesses of that which I and My Son want from each one of you. I am blessing you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

June 25, 1987 "Dear children! Today I thank you and I want to invite you all to God's peace. I want each one of you to experience in your heart that peace which God gives. I want to bless you all today. I am blessing you with God's blessing and I beseech you, dear children, to follow and to live my way. I love you, dear children, and so not even counting the number of times, I go on calling you and I thank you for all that you are doing for my intentions. I beg you, help me to present you to God and to save you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

January 25, 1988 "Dear children! Today again I am calling you to complete conversion, which is difficult for those who have not chosen God. God can give you everything that you seek from Him. But you seek God only when sicknesses, problems and difficulties come to you and you think that God is far from you and is not listening and does not hear your prayers. No, dear children, that is not the truth. When you are far from God, you cannot receive graces because you do not seek them with a firm faith. Day by day, I am praying for you, and I want to draw you ever more near to God, but I cannot if you don't want it. Therefore, dear children put your life in God's hands. I bless you all. Thank you for having responded to my call."

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There is nothing so great, my children, as the Eucharist. If you were to put all the good actions in the world against a Communion well made, it would be like a grain of dust against a mountain.  -- St. John Vianny

What does it avail to know that there is a God, which you not only believe by Faith, but also know by reason: what does it avail that you know Him if you think little of Him?  -- St Thomas More

Many people would like to attain union with God but they cannot bear the contradictions he sends them. They hate the sickness which strikes them, or the poverty they suffer, or the insults they receive. Since they cannot be resigned, they never succeed in reaching total union with God.  -- St Alphonsus de Liguori


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